Austin Foundation Repair all our residential clients with a number of services that can cater to a wide variety of foundation needs. Whether it be providing you with residential foundation repair services, advice on how to prevent your foundation from deteriorating, residential house leveling and even customized solutions.

We aim to provide our clients with high-quality professional construction, utilizing the latest innovations in ensuring your house stands strong for years to come. Your home deserves only the best, and for all your residential foundation repair needs, you can count on Austin Foundation Repair to deliver real solutions to all your problems.

Residential Foundation Repair

Residential foundation’s goal is to be able to create a functional stability suited for years to come. Us at Austin Foundation Repair believe that our steady dedication and compliance to collaborate with our clients for their reparation needs. We offer a range of services:

For Slab House Structures
(used frequently in slab-on-grade foundations)

  1. Exterior Piers (Concrete Push) – Installed in areas of 15 to 20 feet, this technique combines steel, concrete and gravel to create a sturdier ground edifice. This is to combat excessive moisture and cold weathers. Lifetime warranty included.
  2. Interior Piers – Quality assurance involves scanning damaged concrete with a ground radar that detects damaged beams estimated for repair
  3. Interior slabs on walls are remedied by polyurethane foam that helps lift the floor interior


Residential House Leveling is our troubleshooting service related to foundation repairs. We address basement floor leveling, general leveling,
and concrete leveling. After a personal inspection of the weak areas in your house, we suggest a plan of action to address these problems, while taking into consideration that it suits your budget. We grant other foundation-related services like soil stabilization and concrete waterproofing.



Piering is a method of foundation done in mostly large-scale areas that target the beams of the foundation to be elevated so that the footings can be improved. We offer consultation in footing construction where our specialist advises the proper dimensions of footing in order to create the ideal stability for your building. Benefits of this repair method make it cost-effective, owners need not go out of the house, repair equipment is transportable that are used in tight places that need inspection and no yard destruction. We also offer similar services in crawl space residences with the additional of interior shimming or elevation. Please inquire our contractors for more information.

Slab jacking (or foam jacking) is a form of repair that involves drilling holes and pumping out grout in your damage concrete. The last step in the process would be to fill these holes with a mortar mix that makes the foundation good as new. This repair method is used for smaller damaged zones like sidewalks, driveways and swimming pools. Because slab jacking is done in shallower foundation areas, recovery time is usually within 28 days. Slabs are also not completely removed so you wouldn’t have to worry about a messy surface after the repair process. Slab jacking can also be done in almost any weather circumstances.


If you would like a free quote on our services or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us today. Our team of foundation specialists will be more than happy to assist you with all your foundation-related queries!

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