Our homes are our personal spaces. They provide us with shelter from the elements and a venue for life’s warmest memories. That is why it is important that we care take of our homes, from the ground up. Contrary to popular belief, house leveling services are actually affordable, and necessary to maintain your structure’s integrity, especially when dealing with soil problems.

Austin Foundation Repair offers pier house leveling and pier & foundation repair that ensures that your house will stand the test of time and continue to be a source of joy for you and your family for years to come.

House leveling comes as a difficult but necessary decision. The reality of housing is that sooner or later, foundation changes through time. The stability of housing relies on moisture and soil deviating as it progresses. An effective foundation repair company such as us, Austin Foundation Repair, can certify and improve your foundation needs. The soil is the most basic cause of foundation imbalance. Moisture content, spontaneous erosion, and prolonged drought affect the ability of the structure to stand, and this takes a long period to take effect.


Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

The true test of efficient house reparation should be seen the months past the restoration. Usual tell-tale signs of foundation imperfections are shifting of floorboards, uneven flooring, exposure of interior or exterior walls, space between doors, windows and installations—most of these do not function properly either— and sinking floors. Do not hesitate to call us and inquire so that we can check the condition and inevitable safety of your house.

Pier and beams (typically referred to as crawl space) is a type of foundation where beams hold the structure that rests upon stem walls known as piers. Piers are placed in concrete and evenly-spaced strategically to be able to carry the house, its weight distributed amongst the piers to create a hollow space between the soil and the house. Austin Foundation Repair assesses the problems by troubleshooting soil issues at its root. Our approach is to create the balance of moisture in the soil by adding moisture if it is too dry and removing moisture if the ground becomes mushy. Our suggested solutions would be drainage corrections (for soiled earth) and periodically using soaker hoses (if the earth is dry). Apart from moisture control, we repair and replace pier and beam structures. Replacement is usually restricted to the affected area, but even so, these procedures can take a while and can be complicated.


These are the services commonly offered for crawl space leveling:

  • Replacement and Installation of new piers, base and block support
  • Levelling of girders and joists
  • Steel I-beams as an alternative for damaged beams
  • Slab foundations
  • Re-level process

Foundation problems will not go away unless you comprehensively assess the condition of your building’s soil as this is usually the core of the problem. Shimming/re-leveling can be the rightful solution. Contractors depend on the current structure to improve on the succeeding one. Re-leveling results are not expected to be completely perfect because soil naturally moves. This is not to say that we will not try our best. We strive to give our clients the best upshots for their home and value for time and cost.


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